I Fagioli di Sarconi

The production area Protected Geographical Indication beans Sarconi, is situated within the areas of the municipalities in the Province of Power: Sarconi Grumento Nova, Marsiconuovo, Marsicovetere, Moliterno, Paterno, San Martino d’Agri, Thorny, Tramore, Viggiano.
Products are related to the environment of these areas where the environmental conditions allow the production of high-quality beans distinguishable from other varieties on the market.

The sweet taste of these beans are dependent conditions described that allow the seeds to preserve a significant concentration of simple sugars that over a longer time than other varieties are then converted into starch.

The Protected Geographical Indication beans Sarconi is reserved for ecotypes of cannellini and borlotti known locally as "fasuli russi", "tovagliedde rampicanti", "fasuli russi", "verdolini", "napulitanu vasciu", "napulitanu avuti", "ciuoti o regina", "tabacchino", "munachedda", "nasieddo", "maruchedda", "san michele", "muruseddu", "truchisch", "cannellino rampicante".