Bike Park

The agriturism Parco Verde has put the wheels!

From now on the farm Green Park offers to its customers and the citizens of the Val d’Agri new bike rental service full of fun and riscperta of nature.

For the amateur, the cyclist or for the whole family!

Thanks to our special itineraries (prepared specifically for each type of step) each trip on two wheels will be a special opportunity to find relaxation and serenity and rediscover the charm of flora and fauna that inhabit the area of Val d’Agri.

ParcoBici has every type of bike: for walking, hiking, sports, tandem or child measures.

Discover all our initiatives, hire your bike!


imageVal d’Agri on two wheels!

Discover, under the guidance of our itineraries, the beauty and variety of landscapes that offers the Val d’Agri. You can immerse yourself in the woods surrounding the lake Pertisillo and, in the case in the open, surprised to find the live and enjoy views of Montemurro, Viggiano and Grumento Nova. Excavations of Grumentum to the river Sciaura ... all within reach on two wheels!
imagePhoto cycle

Follow the path that you suggest will make you real reporter of nature! We studied the precise routes dedicated to the lovers of photography. Thanks to the speed of the bike, in a time of a few hours you have collected a wide range of shots: flowers, plants, animals, lakes and streams ... archaeological, artistic and breathtaking views!
imageWeekend in the saddle

Spend a weekend cycling with the whole family is often not so simple ... the large number of bikes required, the lack of transport hooks on our cars, too complicated itineraries are just some of the problems that force us to give up the bike . From now on you will have to take care only to reach our garage, the rest we’ll do!


A goal, but also a workshop!

All bikes dedicated to the rental service are kept in a shed adjacent to the rooms of the farm. The solid laminated wood structure is also made available to customers with bike in tow and provides a secure anti-theft case and protected from the weather.

ParcoBici also has a fully equipped maintenance point where you can clean, lubricate and repair your bike.

Open to cyclists passing through!


Bike School

ParcoBici is also a school of cycling for amateurs and professionals

Soon on this page you can get information about our courses, divided into categories and difficulty levels. Come back soon!