Particularly rich in flavor, Lombino is derived from the loin boneless heavy pork, salted and seasoned with pepper and other spices. When cut, the slice is particularly lean, pink. The scent is delicate, typical of cured products. Stands out its sweetness combined with a delicate flavor.

Pork, salt and pepper, spices

Store in the refrigerator at 10°.

How to make Lombino

The production of Lombino takes place in four phases:
• The first step, the raw material is placed in contact with a mixture of measured salt and spices;
• Resting break in the cold, which is useful to uniformly penetrate into the meat, salt and the spices, and the product is massaged and wrapped in a distinctive wrap of natural pork;
• Then, the product is bound and left to dry in special rooms for a period of about ten days;
• Finally, it moves to the stage of maturation (curing process) that will last at least three months.
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Lombino o filetto tipico Lucano.
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