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Agriturismo Parco Verde
Contrada Spineta, 50
85050 Grumento Nova (PZ)
Basilicata - Italy
Tel. +39 333 5724074
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Ski in Basilicata - Il Volturino -

The Mountain
After step called "tri-border" in the center of the mountain range, suddenly rises up to 1836 m. the Volturino.
From Latin = Vultur Vulture, the Volturino you configure a greenhouse gear, in a succession of peaks and surges, is a mountain range between the two peaks of nearly equal height, a bare, rough and rocky, and the other, clean and green, round and thin.

Today an important tourist attraction, the summer at the Monte Volturino offers rich and abundant blooms, scents, songs and calls of birds, fresh air in the early hours of the morning, warm colors of sunrise and sunset and at night, a wonderful sky stars. The winter is not far behind: the nature of the Monte Volturino provides us with picturesque scenery, from snow-covered landscapes, embroidery designs and carves the ice between the branches of the trees, the frost that covers the morning meadows and fields, various winter flowers, to many different animal tracks in the snow.
The valley and the river
The Val d’Agri covers about 500 sq km in the heart of the Apennines towards Lucan northwest-southeast. The valleys so oriented, dug between the large limestone ridges, are typical of the western part of Basilicata.

The valley is enhanced by the presence of water of the Agri River (136 km long), which sources on the southern slopes of Mount Maruggio and the western slopes of Mount Volturino and flows into the sea in the Gulf of Taranto at Policoro. The Agri, unlike other rivers Lucan, has a regular course not subject to flash floods. Perhaps this is as the origin of the name: Agri is indeed connected to the adjective "akìros" which means "slow and late, without motion."
The City
To anticipate the beauty, the Apennines before the Monte Volturino, embedded in the rock, overlooking the City of Marsicovetere.

Located at 1037 mt., Marsicovetere is one of the highest in the Basilicata and certainly one of the most characteristic for its composition and panoramic position. It can be reached from the Agri valley following the thread fascinating and meandering bends that, little by little, raise your eyes on the beautiful Valley Agri around which rise to the massive competition of Volturino, Viggiano, and Sirino Maddalena. The route offers some very peculiar, fortunately little altered by time and neglect of men.

Further downstream of the historic center of Marsicovetere, medieval core of the city, two other important villages are hosted by the Agri Valley: Barricelle and Villa d’Agri. Two fractions are very different but both born from the need for greater urban-territorial expansion on a flat area, once swampy, located downstream of the stretch of the Apennines, which is part of the Monte Volturino and the Sacro Monte di Viggiano . Barricelle sees its development as early as seven period / century and his character is dedicated to agriculture, tied to the animal. Villa d’Agri represents the commercial heart of Val d’Agri. Since 1947, in fact, when it formally approved an intermunicipal consortium that ended up embracing an area of ​​61,560 hectares of land, Villa d’Agri designated center for agricultural and industrial take-off of the Alta Val d ’ Agri began its rapid expansion, currently hosting the most important services: the Consortium of Reclamation, the Mountain Community High Agri, the Local Health Authority, the Fire Department, Enel, Social Security, the Civil Hospital .. .

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