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Viggiano is a common place to 1023 meters above sea level in a dominant position in the Val d’Agri. Although it is a village of the multiple resources (from harps to the Marian cult, from the ski lifts to the archaeological sites), is now best known for the commune in which the extraction is the oil extracted from the large reserves found in the subsoil.
Very important from the point of view of culture is the musical tradition musicians wandering the ’700 and then evolved into the great school flute which is headed by Leonardo De Lorenzo, and the art of building and concert harps. The harp players Viggiano are present in the manger of the Museum of San Martino in Naples.

Even today the world leader in the construction of the harp, the Salviharps, belongs to a family history Viggiano, represented by the owner, Victor Salvi, performer and builder, and his brother Alberto, a great harpist, for 20 years at the Metropolitan Opera in New York . To continue this tradition during the summer there are competitions and concerts of classical music and a jazz festival.
The most important festival is the Madonna of Viggiano, crowned Queen and Patroness of Lucania by Pope John Paul II in 1991 during the pastoral visit of the Pope in Lucania. The first Sunday in May is set to the Sacred Mount, where according to the story handed down from generation to generation was found centuries later, probably in the twelfth century. by a group of shepherds, whose attention was drawn to some miracles of light on the top. The first Sunday of September, the Madonna "back down" carried on the shoulder by volunteers all the way to the country and after the Mass celebrated by the Bishop of power, is carried in procession to the basilica. In those days, there is also a public holiday in the country and there are lots of stalls and rides, which attract visitors from all neighboring countries. Monday is the feast of the patron and civil, and on this day the concert of a singer concludes the three-day festival.
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