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Agriturismo Parco Verde
Contrada Spineta, 50
85050 Grumento Nova (PZ)
Basilicata - Italy
Tel. +39 333 5724074
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Grumento Nova

Grumento Nova is a village of medieval origin situated on a hill 771 m. of height above sea level. It is located in the heart of the Val d’Agri and Agri at the confluence of rivers that run through the valley and Sciaura feed Pertusillo Stone Lake, near which stood the ancient Roman city of Grumentum. Grumento Nova has the shape of urban and landscape of absolute charm, and the characteristic position, the country has an excellent panoramic view of the entire valley.

Historical Background

Due to several attacks by the Saracens, between 878 and 1031, the last inhabitants of Grumentum took refuge on a hill overlooking the city, where there was already the fourth century. A.D. a small settlement around the temple dedicated to the Egyptian god Serapis. This new town around mid-year 1000 took the name of Saponara and became a Norman stronghold. He knew that the first Overlord Robert de Hauteville, Count of Montescaglioso.

In 1254, Saponara then passed into the hands of Sanseverino and was sacked at the behest of Manfred, son of Frederick II, as the new feudal lords sided with the Angevins. In 1267, the Angevin king Charles I of Anjou gave back the city to Count Roger Sanseverino and was ruled by his descendants until 1806.

After the French conquest, Thomas Saponara by Joseph Bonaparte was appointed Minister of the Kingdom of Naples. During the Risorgimento, there were a number of citizens of Saponara who participated actively in the liberal movements of 1820-1821 (with Gherardo Ceramelli) of 1848 (with Antonio De Cilla) and the activity of Mazzini 1853 (with Julius Caesar Giliberti).

This family was responsible for the construction of the castle and the city walls. Among the various feudal lords who took turns, Sanseverino marked the history of the country keeping possession uninterruptedly until 1853.Sotto their rule the city experienced periods of great splendor, but also decline. At the end of the feudal era in the South, in 1806 the Sanseverino of Saponara even came to occupy a prestigious position with Thomas Saponara who was appointed Minister of the Kingdom of Naples. During the Risorgimento, the town took an active part in the liberal rebellions of 1820-21, in 1848 with Gherardo Ceramelli and activity Mazzini with the liberal Julius Caesar Giliberti.

Destroyed by the earthquake of 1857, which kills more than 2,000 people, was also affected by the phenomenon of brigandage. The name Saponara, with the Royal Decree of 21 April 1863, was transformed into Saponara Grumento and finally, the third novembre1932 in Grumento Nova
L’antica città romana di Grumentum oggi è uno dei più importanti presidi archeologici del Sud Italia. Posta a valle l’area archeologica si mostra in tutta la sua bellezza dal colle dove sorge il Comune di Grumento Nova.

A poca distanza dal Parco Archeologico si trova il Museo Nazionale Archeologico dell’Alta Val D’Agri.
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