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Agriturismo Parco Verde
Contrada Spineta, 50
85050 Grumento Nova (PZ)
Basilicata - Italy
Tel. +39 333 5724074
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Spiny or small land Spinoso, as once was said, it has very ancient origins, it took from one of the groups of refugees from the nearby city of Grumento, when it was destroyed by barbarian hordes from the ground up gates at the end of the ninth century or in the dark a lot, which you first fugitives formed a so-called pay that village mobile, huts, and afterwards, being relatively quiet and healthy site you took a permanent room.

And so it follows that it is still among three memories patrii of the first generations: the name given to a San workings of this vast district agro in memory of the martyrdom of him in Grumento, the name of this church called matrix and dedicated to St. Mary the ’Assumed to imitation or replica of the ancient parish church of that city landed, and the order of an ancient statute baiulare of this municipality to comply with the annona prices of Saponara Grumento, built on the ashes of Grumento as a mother country, and because they were like the costumes, the existence of life needs.

Later, he was recognized as a farmhouse and is subject to the barony of the house Sanseverino 1362, and so, but much later it rose to the dignity of the country or community. In 1532, there were more than 123 fires in households and 738 inhabitants in 1861 souls grew until 2786, marking the largest increase, and then came down with the final census of 1901 to 2098 after the movement of emigration to the Americas. And just for the correlation of the facts, which we have to deal.

A public act of the early seventeenth century speaks of the ancient chapel of St. Roch and then declares Outside the Walls, existing along with his statue has long been revered and since that time, so its origin identifies herself and confuses almost like that of the old farmhouse and the big front district. "Footer Earth" and houses that were built around and which today make up the largest and most populated of the town, in addition to that being San Rocco flourished in the fourteenth century and was canonized a saint in the course of it if not also in the following, must have been a the first to be built in this province and to affirm in Spinoso worship.

The statue contained in it is of fine workmanship in the judgment of those who have seen it, the good of the sixteenth century, and that which today, in a time when less vico is the religious sentiment, not rewarding the hard work of sculpture in wood , more feverish activity to hurry, more industrial art of statuary in general, it would not be possible to have a similar or the same perfection.

The chapel is located between two side streets in the background of the campaign for the higher altitude of the hills behind and in front of a large audience like an amphitheater, so that it is advantageous for such artistic position (that moved the distinguished painter in Tackles make a sketch for the exposure of Turin) for the usual affection for the holy place, the annual celebration was very nice. Of devotees during the novenas, litanies and functions, because they do not contain many could convenendovi across the country, part of it stayed inside and partly outside, the choirs were popular domestic long with singing outside, passers-by to the side streets you scappellavano, many lined up on the off, and everyone in modest attitudes and pricked, and this formed a major attraction of this temple.
Spinoso è un caratteristico paese che si affaccia sul Lago del Pertusillo con affascinanti vedute sia dalle sponde dello stesso sia dal paese.
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