Park’s Villages

Grumento Nova, Spinoso, Sarconi, Moliterno, Viggiano are the nearest towns, rich in history and traditions to discover.

Grumento Nova

imageGrumento Nova is a village of medieval origin situated on a hill 771 m. of height above sea level. It is located in the heart of the Val d’Agri and Agri at the confluence of rivers that run through the valley and Sciaura feed Pertusillo Stone Lake, near which stood the ancient Roman city of Grumentum. Grumento Nova has the shape of urban and landscape of absolute charm, and the characteristic position, the country has an excellent panoramic view of the entire valley. >> Continued


imageSarconi common Val D’Agri is located in the plain by the river Jersey whose source is located on the mountain and flows into Lake Sirino Pertusillo. The extended plains and plenty of water made ​​it an important agricultural center for the cultivation of the famous beans IGP. At the entrance of the village are the remains of Cavour built in 1867.
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imageMoliterno is located overlooking the Val d’Agri 879 meters high and is one of the main centers of the area, rich in productive activities. An old tradition Moliterno was built after the destruction of Grumentum occurred by the Saracens between ’872 and 975 for the arrival of several grumentini escaped the massacre, they gathered around the tower lomgobarda. The Lombards were the first people to land in foreign territory.

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imageBuckthorn is a country that looks beautifully on Lake Pertusillo. Spiny or small land Spinoso, as once was said, it has very ancient origins, it took from one of the groups of refugees from the nearby city of Grumento, when it was destroyed by barbarian hordes from the ground up gates at the end of the ninth century or in the dark a lot, which you first fugitives formed a so-called pay that village mobile, huts, and afterwards, being relatively quiet and healthy site you took a permanent room. >> Continued


imageViggiano is a common place to 1023 meters above sea level in a dominant position in the Val d’Agri. Although it is a village of the multiple resources (from harps to the Marian cult, from the ski lifts to the archaeological sites), is now best known for the commune in which the extraction is the oil extracted from the large reserves found in the subsoil.
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