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Ski in Basilicata - La Sellata -

imageA few kilometers from power and in the heart of the National Park of Lucan - Val d’Agri - Lagonegrese, is the resort Sellata. >> Continued

Ski in Basilicata - Il Volturino -

imageThe Mountain
After step called "tri-border" in the center of the mountain range, suddenly rises up to 1836 m. the Volturino.
From Latin = Vultur Vulture, the Volturino you configure a greenhouse gear, in a succession of peaks and surges, is a mountain range between the two peaks of nearly equal height, a bare, rough and rocky, and the other, clean and green, round and thin.
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Ski in Basilicata - Il Sirino -

imageIn the immediate vicinity of the Pollino National Park and the beautiful beaches of Maratea is located the Massif Sirino, one of the most beautiful nature reserves and charming towns of Basilicata. Site of Community Importance and Special Protection Area in the province of Potenza, the predominant part of the National Park of Lucan - Valdagri - Lagonegrese
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